NiceClock (S60) v.1 2.0

Snazzy clock and screensaver app for S60 phones

NiceClock is a multifunctional software product, having unique features and accentuating the individuality of the owner. NiceClock is a screensaver, made in a style of pocket watch, and having an option of appearance modification, as well as alarm clock and organizer. The Device has a built-in voice informer, which informs about current date and time, and about different events on demand of user.

Basic Features:

  • Installation instead of standard screensaver
  • Voice informer, informing about current time, about scheduled and missed appointments, as well as about incoming calls and messages (SMS, MMS)
  • Voice reminder for missing calls and SMS
  • Management of scheduled appointments, such as meeting, party, anniversary, etc
  • Synchronization of own scheduled appointments with standard applications
  • Processing of exogenous events, such as call, SMS, mail, etc
  • Alarm clock
  • Modification of appearance: full set of skins, support of antialiasing
  • Ability to install external skins (distributed separately)
  • Displaying of days of week, date of month, current time in digital form
  • Auxiliary indicators: receiver's level (Nokia only), battery charge level (Nokia only), voice is OFF, alarm is ON
  • Volume management of voice and sound
  • Support of a headset
  • Management of screensaver's timeout
  • Automatic keyboard locking
  • Automatic setting of sound, voice and visual functions according to current user's profile
  • User-friendly interface

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NiceClock (S60) v.1 2.0

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